Saturday, 9 June 2012

Previous Assemblage Installation work

So I guess it might be quite fun to post up some photographs of my previous installations to give you a bit of a taster of my style.. These are very much curiosity cabinet inspired pieces of work. They all use found -/+ lost photographs of eras past.

Anonymous 2011
This first piece 'Anonymous 2011' was inspired by the combination of the idea of lost photographs simulating lost people. I am always fascinated by those articles of people, who seem to vanish from the face of the earth, never to be found again - the photographs placed up on posts, milk cartons and other generic every day items always seem so uneventful with their eyes not sharing the horrors of their future disappearance. This is the reason I chose to blank out the eyes - I didn't want them to expose normality.

Various mixed media assemblages

'Existence is futile no's 1,2,3 &4' below various mixed media assemblages

All of the above assemblages were inspired by a similar train of thought.. lost people, lost objects. Re-united and stitched back together...

The Curious Deer x

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