Thursday, 16 April 2015

The perfect romantic weekend getaway

The Shepherds huts! How gorgeous are they?!

The past few months have been busy busy busy for us so for Alex's birthday in January I decided to book us a little weekend adventure. I didn't want to go very far and I decided the becon beacons would be an ideal location. I scoured the internet but I couldn't find what I had formed in my mind. I nearly gave up and that's when I discovered All the properties are fantastic and I found my ideal getaway - a weekend in a shepherds hut!

We decided to book Friday off work and set off early and have a mooch around Abergavenny which is a lovely place! I had a gorgeous cup of hot chocolate and salted caramel :)

Alex still had no idea where we were staying but when I got list I had to give him some clues otherwise we were never going to find the place! Apparently my sat nav decided to completely ignore the post code we'd been given. We started up a little track hoping it was the correct way. My poor new little up! Had no idea what was in store! Thankfully we made it to the top of the very steep hill and found the farm.  Yay!

The lovely owner popped our luggage into a trailer while we changed into more appropriate footwear and off we set, walking behind the ...... It didn't take long but it was so hidden by trees you really felt like the only people in a little haven :) the huts were even more beautiful in person and we could not wait to get the log fire burning.

We had an amazing weekend with no phones, no wifi! Just us, wine and board games!
The stunning views from our climb up the mountain.

On Saturday we decided to climb up Sugar Loaf mountain. We were luckily located at the beginning of the mountain and a path led almost straight out of our door! The weather luckily held out and while it was cold in the wind, it stayed bright and dry. The views were incredible from the top - even if a tad misty!

                 Unfortunately the sun was directly in our eyes so squinty photos it was!

On Sunday we took a drive to Waterfall Country and settled on the walk named Elidir trail (fairy kingdom on the banks of the Nedd) which wasn't the longest of walks at 1.3 miles but the waterfalls we saw were fantastic! 

One of the gorgeous waterfalls we saw during our visit

I highly recommend anyone visiting South Wales to try something a bit different and stay in a hut! I think the only thing that could have made the whole experience even better would have been a hot tub! I have noticed a few of the Sugar and Loaf accommodations do offer this so perhaps something to try next year!

Lottie xo