Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hello blogging world!!

The last time I started a blog, I used it more to just record some thoughts for myself. This time I'm determined to use it productively, to meet new people from around the globe and to have a go at promoting my art work :)

I am a Fine Art graduate from the UK and I am particularly focused on mixed media assemblages using vintage/found objects and photographs in attempt to re-use what's long been forgotten and to give the object a new meaning and life.

Some of my work uses marking and machine stitching to enhance and create rich textures within the pieces. This love of stitching also follows through to my crafting - I make a variety of felt and fabric pieces which I may put into my brand new Etsy shop, alongside my art and photography.

Before starting the blog, I spent all week trying to think about what name to use because I wanted to link my Etsy/blog and general arts and crafts all together under one online 'roof'. I finally came up with a name that suited me down to the ground: The Curious Deer. 

Firstly, I absolutely adore curiosity cabinets, and much of my installation work centers around this particular concept. I also thought about the variety of work I produce - much like a curiosity cabinet the pieces can vary quite substantially. 

Secondly, I chose a deer to represent me personally because I feel that I can relate to the awkward, shy, wary creature that a deer is. It takes me a while to really trust and open up to someone but one false move and I'm out of there like a flash. I find it hard to stay grounded. I also often end up in that 'Deer in the headlights' situation - caught off guard, often unable to make a decision. I can't react quickly, I need notice and time to adapt to a situation.

Thank you so much for stopping by, next time you pop by, there will be some artwork so perhaps you can stay for a cuppa and a biscuit :)

The Curious Deer x

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