Sunday, 23 June 2013

Blowing the dust off the blog!


Looks like I accidentally left my Etsy and blog world hanging for quite some time!!

In the real world I've been so busy with house moving and lots of job changes as well as major life decisions that my little online world was unfortunately not so glamorously put onto the back burner for a bit too long!

So, I did try to set up a more personal blog on the side but I've decided that updating two blogs is just too much to manage so I thought I'd add a bit more of my personal life onto here including my crafting, thrifting, gardening, reading and much more!

Whilst I'm writing this post I'm just going to talk a bit more about the thrifty way of life I try so hard to lead. I find that it's so tempting to walk down a high street and see lots of pretty clothes and makeup and end up spending a fortune. In fact, that's what I tend to do, or at least used to do before my major life decisions meant that our household income has drastically dropped from what we thought we'd have as a combined income to what we are actually taking home each month.

But, leading a thrifty way of life doesn't mean you have to suffer!! Hopefully, as well as using this blog to promote my Etsy shop, I can also offer lots of advice and hopefully meet some like minded people along the way!!!


Lottie xo

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